Types of Snowboards – Guide for Snowboarders

Types of Snowboards – Guide for Snowboarders

A snowboard is the main tool you have while riding down the snowy mountain. It provides riders the ability to slide smoothly on the snow. A snowboard is made of a plank of wood, metal, fiberglass, or plastic. People who use this equipment are called snowboarders. It is important to know that each snowboarder may require an entirely different type of snowboard, depending on their riding style. Therefore, you should have ample knowledge of the following 5 best snowboards when planning to ride one.

freestyle snowboard


This is the most popular type of snowboard. Freestyle snowboards are lighter, fatter, easier, more flexible, and shorter. The tip and tail of these boards are alike because they consist of twin tips. Twin shapes enable snowboarders to ride both ways.

Freestyle boards are the best option for beginners. This is because they have low height and weight. These boards are specifically designed to boost their confidence level while snowboarding.


Freeride boards are longer as compared to park and freestyle boards. In addition, they are directional rather than having twin-tips. Snowboarders use this type of board when they can ride in any type of snow such as, soft or hard snow. They can either use it in park riding or back-country riding.


All-mountain snowboards enable riders to perform well on mountains. These snowboards are directional, which means that they are downhill. However, they can also have twin tips through which the riders can change their direction. It entirely depends on the riders’ choice. If they want to experience a thrilling ride, then all-mountain boards serve the purpose extremely well.

With specific snowboard sizing, about 90% of beginners prefer to ride on all-mountain boards because of their flexibility. These snowboarders are at their learning stage of which landscape they like to snowboard in.


The shape of an alpine snowboard differs from that of other snowboards. It has a narrow, long, directional, and rigid shape. Professional snowboarders especially use this type of snowboard because it is specifically designed to ride in races. Therefore, alpine snowboards are best for those who want to ride on tidy and well-maintained slopes.

It depends how a snowboarder wants to use it. For instance, Europeans use soft boots to ride on alpine snowboards. Similarly, some prefer to use hard plastic boots while snowboarding with alpine boards.

Split board

A split board is specifically designed to snowboard in a back country style. The main characteristic of a splitboard is that it is divided into half. You can say that it is cut into two pieces, each piece for each foot. Riders can climb easily on back slopes that are untracked. When the riding area is smooth, you can reattach the two parts together and continue riding downhill.

Adventurous snowboarders who are equipped with sufficient skills, confidence, and knowledge to discover new slopes use splitboards. The snowboard sizing depends on their ability to ride. If you are one of those adventure lovers who like to snowboard, you will also require split kit and climbing skins with those splitboards.

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