5 Best Snowboard Bindings

5 Best Snowboard Bindings

For any snowboarding individual, a pair of bindings is essential. They are the interface that take the rider’s movements and puts them into the ride. It always pays to do research and get the right pair as per your riding needs. It would not pay to add carbon fiber beasts and try to tear up the park. Here are a few of the best bindings in the market.best snowboard bindings

Burton Diode Bindings

Most of the response in this binding is from the highback and if you are looking for the best, carbon fiber is the best option. The burton diode binding is among the 5 best snowboarding bindings in the market and its nylon composite high back plays an important role. Its hammock ankle strap provides even support at the top and eliminates any probable pressure points. The supergrip capstrap keeps the user completely locked in place and the bed cushioning system provides great support. The biggest names in snowboarding trust the diode and irrespective of the snowboard in use, the diode elevates the response of the board improving the general ride.

Now O-Drive Bindings

This is the go-to binding for riders such as Ryland Bell and Romain De Marchi. The O-drive is lightweight, stiff and very responsive. This is the first time the company is using carbon fiber in their line. The highback is specifically light and much stronger compared to earlier versions. The binding also comes with two different set of bushings allowing the user to customize the general responsiveness by switching from medium to hard depending on conditions. The binding is reinforced with fiberglass adding strength sans the extra weight. The tool-less adjuster straps allow the user to make fast adjustments on the go.

Burton Genesis X Bindings

This binding provides next level performance with maximum comfort and minimal weight. The designers also added a lightweight, carbon injected sturdy base plate to give maximum response without compromising comfort. When carbon fiber is added to the highbacks it provides a very rigid feel that most people love. The suspension system in the highback allows for a softer binding with ultimate response.

Union Force Bindings

This is known as the work horse in the union collection. It has been in the market for 11 year. The binding features a highback that offers the best blend of flexibility and support, stage 4 baseplate with dual density bushings providing comfort of dampening with the benefits of a truer board feel. The magnesium buckles are smooth. The union force is a trusted binding by riders for over a decade. The binding is guaranteed to handle any possible conditions, with workhorse dependability and near bullet proof creation. This is one of the 5 best snowboarding bindings ever on the market.

Burton Cartel Bindings

This is one of the best selling snowboard bindings of all time. It is a perfect description is the do-it all, high end binding. It features a single-component highback offering amazing support and comfort. The binding has no pressure points and the super gettagrip cap and react strap will keep the user locked in securely. The AutoCANT cushioning provides anatomic comfort and is one of a kind in 2016. The binding also has double take buckles that provide twice the ratcheting power with no slippage. It is easily the most timeless bindings available for riders.

Bottom Line

While all the above snow board bindings are considered the best in the market. It is important that you choose the right fit for you. It is imperative to consider your safety first before settling for a cheap binding that might not be a good fit.

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